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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

here's an idea ....

Children's knitting group turfed from library under new craft ban : Home : News : Sympatico / MSN:

"'I really had fun in there in the library, and I'm really sad that they stopped that,' said Kingston Currie, who used to spend two hours a week with the Itch and Stitch Club at the Long Sault Library in Long Sault, Ont., about 95 kilometres southeast of Ottawa.

Pamela Haley, manager of library services for the united counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, said the ban on crafts was put on place because the municipality is revamping its 18 library branches in an effort to attract more people and needs to be more literacy-focused to achieve that end."

If the library is paid for by public funds they could file a petition on the grounds that public funding means that any legal, non-disruptive group should have the right to meet there.

Yes if their libraries are anything like the ones around here - they are suffering from a lack of usership. So why in the world would they be kicking out a groups which is already using their facilities -- if anything they should be promoting it.

And don't believe the hype that they want 'literary' groups -- it is easier to turn a knitting group into a literary group than it is to turn a video game gathering into one .... in fact they are less likely to get a nice crowd, and more likely to get a crowd of hell-raisers.

okay -- so now what do we do? do we start a write in campaign where if you don't live in the area you probably won't get listened to ... someone already contacted the Yarn Harlot (she is from the area I guess) ... there needs to be something that someone can do!!

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