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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympics: observation

Okay so I am watching the internet Live broadcast of the Tae Kwon Do matches ... its the little guys (at least thats what the commentator is calling them) ... the contestants for Brazil and Iran just came in.

You know the gals that hold the signs with the countries abbrev. on them? well the one gal must not have moved far enough out of the way for the one team because they rudely - very rudely in my opinion - walked thru her, no 'excuse me', no apologies after wards -- but they did give her a nasty look.

I was wondering if it was a cultural thing though - because it was the Iranian team.

To me there was no reason they couldn't go around the gal ... there was nothing blocking their path, the camera guy was in the front and they had more than enough room behind them -- but no they were going to walk in one path and one path only, damn to who was in their way.

what a bunch of jerks. wish I could rewind the footage and check it out again just to make sure it wasn't by accident, but it really didn't look like it.

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