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Thursday, August 21, 2008

What??? - News - Reid shares Senate ideas:
"'I told him last night, 'You know, Joe, I can't stand John McCain.' He said, 'I know you feel that way,' ' Reid said.
But Reid said he would continue to resist calls from the Democratic Party's base to strip Lieberman, now an independent, of his Senate positions for his disloyalty."
Disloyalty to who??? Lieberman is an independent he has loyalties to NO ONE ... that's the whole point of being independent you idiots!!!

He's not a member of your party anymore! Get it thru your heads -- you turned your backs on him already, remember? That's why he left your broken down party!

I can not believe that the democratic party would be so .... well, undemocratic. Way to show people you are willing to work for a better America --- NOT.

Hypocrits - they have Republicans speak at their conventions without regard to what it is going to do to their careers ... but goodness if the shoe is on the other foot!

sometimes you really have to hate the 'party' system of government .... but its better than the alternative I guess.

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