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Friday, October 31, 2008

Election 2008

Hmm, now isn't one of the complaints about the Bush administration is that they 'punish' reporters who don't see things their way?

Ben Smith's Blog: Off the plane -
"Obama spokesman Bill Burton confirms Drudge's report that two right-leaning papers, the Washington Times and the New York Post, have lost their seats on the Obama plane, along with the Dallas Morning News."

Nice to see how things are going to 'change' ... I guess these newspapers won't be in the Press Room at the White House either if Obama gets in ... in case you haven't heard why these papers lost their seats:

The Washington Times and New York Post have endorsed McCain.

however, Ebony & Jet magazines now have seats on his plane ... hmmm ... never saw them as big 'news' reporters ... they are kind of like GQ or Cosmo for African-Americans in my opinion.

Now in all fairness, McCain did ask two reporters to leave his plane ... Dowd & Klein - but I think that had more to do with the unfair story about Cindy McCain ... and if the newspapers had written something about Michelle Obama, say she was a recovering alcoholic (I'm not saying she is, I'm saying 'what if'), and they were making a huge deal out of it .... if it didn't effect her husband's job, he didn't misuse his power to cover it up - then I would have a problem with them publishing that as well.

We don't elect the First Lady or First families ... there has always been an unspoken rule that they are 'off limits' ... but for some reason this time they feel the need to pull Cindy in on this.

Don't blame McCain for kicking them off the plane for that reason.

But Obama punishing just because the newspapers don't agree with him ... that's so WRONG!

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