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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Same old tune

Hey look - the Obama campaign is taking a page out of Hillary's book and using the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy argument.

Obama Camp Lashes Out at FOX News Over Coverage of 2001 Radio Interview - Elections:
"But Obama spokesman Bill Burton on Monday accused FOX News of pushing a 'fake news controversy' to further an agenda. Though FOX News played the audio tape for its viewers and did not just recap Republican criticism, Burton suggested FOX News was conspiring with the McCain campaign and the Drudge Report, which posted the material on its Web site."
You know -- it wasn't just Fox News or Drudge report that was out there.

When it comes to appointing Supreme Court judges they can go all the way back to what they wrote for college papers -- why is this off limits?

You know - I don't think I've ever seen a candidate that did more 'that's off limits' when it comes to things in their past than Obama! This is ridiculous ... you can't talk about his cocaine use, but you can bring up Cindy McCain's addiction to pain killers ... you can't bring up Obama's ears or hands, but you can bring up McCain's cheek and arms .... you can't bring up Obama's short length of time in the senate but you can bring up McCain's age .... you can't bring up his uncanny knack of hooking up with radicals, but you can bring up McCain's associations.

now you can't talk about what controversial things he has said -- its off limits.

WHAT??? C'mon! They are doing such 'Wag the Dog' type stuff here I can't believe people are falling for it. Wake up people ... why do you think they are touting people to vote early? They want you to make your choice before all this shit gets out there ... this is NOT the man we want as President.

There are too many red-flags and questions yet about his past!

Can the 'conspiracy theories' .... who are we going to get in the White House ... Howard Hughes? Is he paranoid? what's the deal? sorry i want someone in there with a backbone who can speak for himself!

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