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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gotta Love It!!

So Fox put together the Top Ten Things that Global Warming has been blamed for this year ... If you want the full story click on the link ... but for now here is just the list in no particular order - No Matter What Happens, Someone Will Blame Global Warming

1. Cannibalism (at least according to that famous scientist Ted Turner)

2. Death of the Loch Ness Monster (funny I thought they didn't believe in it in the first place)
3. More Expensive Beer (there's a problem with this?)

4. SmileyCentral.comGiant Pythons in America

5. Kidney Stones eye-roll here)

6. Skinny Whales (hey - it will save them from the hunters who want the whale blubber!!)

7. Shark Attacks (um, I'm pretty sure this would happen anyhow)
8. "Black Hawk Down" as in the heliocopter that crashed in 1993!!

9. Frozen Penguin Babies (hmm, wouldn't have anything to do with them living at the SOUTH POLE would it?)

10. Killer Sting-Rays!!! (but can't they kill people now?)

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