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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

life imitating art ... er, Hollywood.

Okay so everyone touted how great Star Trek was because of the foresight it had in the technological sense ... but I haven't heard a word about the innovations of Bab 5 ...

I was watching "Universe" on History Channel and they were talking about Worm Hole Technology in order to accomplish space travel ... basically making an artificial worm hole or man-made temporary worm hole that would allow a person to travel nearly instantly from one sector of space to another.

They envisioned it to be brought about by several 'cannon' like energy generators on asteroids that fire at once into a common point making a small tear in the space-time continum that would eventually repair itself.

however -- Bab 5 already solved this issue with their Jump Gates. They are arcitectual scaffolding that produce not just a single tear but a series of tears such that one can control where one ends up, controlling the destination. While it wouldn't be like a train station ... it seemed that the Bab 5 answer seemed to have set points where one could jump to -- almost contecting two points (pre-Stargate, but simular).

Very interesting concept. Even more interesting that the best space-time minds in the world seem to be thinking the same things.

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