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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where Experience Would Be A Plus ...

Okay so now that the country is COMMITTED like a pig to the bacon, Obama has decided to tell people how he plans on paying for it - well he's not going to borrow the money from other countries as everyone had assumed .... nope ...

Instead he plans on paying off 2/3rds of the debt by taxing the rich and businesses. Yes your read that correctly 2/3 will be coming out of anyone's pockets who earn more than "$250,000" as a married couple ...

I have that in quotes because Biden had said $150,000 during the campaign and because much of the tax breaks that are in the Stimulus bill-or is it law now- use $150,000 as the bench mark.

This means -- there should be no more pushing for your child to become that doctor or lawyer ... why should they?

Right now if you take a look at your paycheck anywhere between 1/2-3/5 of your check is being taken out for taxes -- how would you feel if suddenly 2/3 - 3/4 of your paycheck gone due to taxes?

They say that the fastest growing field will be in health care and doctors and nurses will be needed -- but who is going to want to do it if they can't make enough money to pay back the student loans they will have to take out???

Then there are the businesses -- if you think this is only going to effect large business like Chrystler, Ford, Exxon, Disney, Walmart, etc. You better think again. There is no mention as to what exactly they will do to the businesses but you can bet that (a) small mom & pop shops will have to close their doors because they will not be able to afford to stay open and (b) large companies that keep our people employeed will start looking at moving over the borders to Mexico or Canada, possibly even over seas.

This is horrid.

You don't on one hand say "We need you to help fix the job problem" and then kick them in the ass for doing it!!

This is where having a little experience working in an Administrative roll would have help Obama ... he would have learned a bit of tact.
Speaking of which, lets talk about the Stimulus package and the States.

There are some GOP (Republican) Governors out there who are planning NOT to take the money ... because they want a chance to see just what strings are attached to it, make sure that there aren't any 'sunset' clauses that will stick the state with the bill later on (like Clinton did with the money for cops. Gave cities money to get cops, but then only paid for them for 3 yrs or something then to keep them on cities would have to raise taxes to pay them) - okay this I can totally understand BUT by that same token ....

Whether they take the money or not, people in that state will have to pay for the Package ... there is no 'opting out' for paying the price.

So they have the choice of getting a little of the money back (even if it goes to just one small portion of the population) or getting nothing back for their share.

Now Swartzeneggar is being skewered in the press because he skipped a GOP convention to visit with Obama --- I'm sorry tell you what, you explain to the President of the United States that you can't see him because, um, he's of the wrong party --- to talk, one would assume, about the financial situation in CA.

Arnold made some statement that if he would take any of the money the other governor's didn't want --- well you can imagine how well that is playing out.

Now you have a few stupid knee-jerk reactters calling for Arnold to switch parties, admit that he is really a socialist, etc. etc. How DUMB is that???

If anything Arnold is perhaps THE best known Republican out there ... and the fact that he has been able to hold his own while still being a member of the Kennedy clan for 22 yrs is amazing! And you know they have been trying to "recruit" him ... he himself has said that things can get pretty heated at a family dinner when politics comes up.

but to want to throw him out of the party just because he is trying to everything he can to keep his state going is wrong ... if the state reps would get their act together and stop the unnecessary spending, stop making up new programs that need funding then maybe, just maybe, they can get themselves out of the hole they are in within the next 4 yrs and then they will be able to give all the credit to Obama even though it wouldn't be his doing.

Look -- CA needs this money to do things. Not big new projects -- just everyday running of things. They have to pay their bills, they have to pay their employees, they have to do a LOT.

I can't blame him one bit for taking the money.

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