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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This is what comes from Inexperience

Analysis: Daschle debacle humbles Obama - Yahoo! News:
"WASHINGTON – Two weeks into his presidency, Barack Obama proved that even a clearly gifted politician cannot escape the gravitational pull of Washington forces that have humbled many of his predecessors.
The new president, seen by some as arrogant, was anything but on Tuesday."
So now that he has backed down because of foreign interests, he has shown other world leaders that he is indecisive -- and this is the man that 'everyone' thought would be our best hope??

A man who shows that we are more concerned with how we are precieved than what is best for the country?

He has done more harm to the American image in 2 weeks than Bush did in 8 yrs. At least other countries knew better than to mess with Bush ... this one they will test and test until they find where his backbone is - if he has one.

So far he's given in on economics, foreign relations, Gauntanamo, and has even entered into talks with such nations as Iran & Cuba already -- it is about to get real scary now, I would not be surprised if we didn't have either another situation like Beiruit or Tehran.

I hope not -- not just because it would be tragic, but because I'm afraid of what this guy will do. He reminds me of the guy who gives away the store-front just to make a sale.

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