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Friday, March 27, 2009

Recycling Characters

Okay my last post brought me to this one ---

You know what these cartoons of the 60's and 70's remind me of?

As a kid did you ever have one of those light tables where you put the master sheet on then covered it with another sheet of paper and traced characters on it? then you could color it in -- so that you could put .... say .... Cinderella in a Flintstone cartoon??

That is EXACTLY what I feel like with these old cartoons -- backgrounds are always the same (like they are on spindles with and endless loop around them) ... characters pop up from other shows with different colored hair, or clothes but you know they are the same .... everything, including the storylines, have that 2-dimensional feel - not just because they are cartoons, but because you know there just wasn't any effort put into it.

I was looking at a scene with the cartoon-kid from "Toll Booth" is sleeping in the car ... and I thought - hey that's from "All Dog's Go To Heaven" ... and it may have been.

Its so sad --- even Disney did it.

It was like there's a whole generation that never knew what 'cartoons' really are like

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