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Monday, March 30, 2009

You MUST respec the office ....

that's what I keep telling myself .... I have to respect the office ....

But how can I when he is doing something that is so blatantly against the Constitution????

By FORCING the GM CEO to "retire" he is interfereing in the narmal operations of private industry ... he is doing the exact same thing that England did over 200 yrs ago that caused our Forefather's to say "NO".

By FORCING Crystler to sell to Fiat, he is interfereing in the daily operations of a private business ... and then to force them to sell not to another American company but to a FOREIGN nation ---- that is OVER STEPPING his authority!!!

I don't know what to think any more ....

I mean, there are some things that I think he could do and they would be good for the nation (as long as people have the choice to take-it-or-leave-it with out penalties)...

But instead I heard a quote from his speech today (before the stocks took a 300pt PLUNGE) where he said that the US will lead the nation in Green Cars .... well the only way that can happen is if they MAKE you buy them ...

In order to do this two things must happen
1. gas engines will be outlawed
2. current combustion engine owners will be fined to poverty

Either way ... sounds to me like we are losing our personal freedoms ... a little at a time ... and people are just falling into step without saying boo.

More later.

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