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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Spare the rod, spoil the child ... and keep them ignorant

So I'm watching the news coverage of the "protests" in England (not that most of them really care about the subject, they just want to cause mayhem) and they are talking about how there has been blood shed by both the police & the mob (Hey I'll call them what they are)

Looking at it, it reminds me of the protests at the RNC last year ... only on a bigger scale ... and while the British police are supposed to hold off, it looks like they can defend themselves from the protesters if needed.

THey have 1000's of protesters pushing on the barracades ... and only maybe 100 total keeping them back - and that's being extremely generous.

Okay that's scary enough ... but then add to it that in England the cops aren't allowed to carry guns, I by proxy I doubt tasers ... that gets really scary to be a cop in that situation ... and they are finding that many of the 'protesters' have been trucked in from other countries - Italy, Spain, USA, etc. (surprise .... we've known this for years now ... destructive protesters are rarely from the area they are destroying)

But the thing that got me .... the newscast decided to show this loud, and from what little lip-reading I did, foul-mouthed little punk who we are supposed to assume was beaten by the very cops he's screaming insults at cracked his head open with their batons .... and we are supposed to feel sorry for him.

Now I have never been whacked in the head enough to bleed all down my shirt .... but I've seen enough footage of 1960's protesters getting beaten down by the police (before they had to be nice), where protesters were bleeding .... and I've seen enough Professional Wrestlers with self-inficted wounds ... to doubt that this guy was actually hurt by the cops.

He was standing there with out problems. Screaming at the top of his lungs shouting insults in the officers faces ... he had blood going down the front of his face, over his shirt, from on top of his head.

Now either this guy has had so much beer or whatever his pill of choice is, that he just didn't feel the pain .... or I have to conclude that he did this to himself.

I'm sorry ... I don't know this fellow .... not sure I'd want to ... but ... from what I've seen, if you get hit hard enough in the skull to bleed, then you are going to stagger, you are going to want to stay down, you aren't going to pop-up and scream .... I also remember an interview with some 20/20 (I think that was the show) reporter where a professional wrestler showed how a person can cut themselves and bleed all over the place --- and yes, head wounds were the preferred place.


Because it doesn't take a very deep cut to make it bleed a lot ... and along the hairline and top of the head were the preferred spots because to get cut doesn't hurt that bad -- but to get bashed would.

Truthfully .... I have to wonder about this guy's ... well all of the protester's really .... parents.

I have to wonder if they either beat the crap out of them, so they think that acting this way is what you are supposed to do ....

Or if they were allowed to throw their little tizzy fits and the parents gave in because Lord forbid that your kids shouldn't like you, or people might think your mean, or you should have to be a parent first to your kids .... it would certainly explain why they would think throwing a baby, tizzy fit would work now.

Note to Protesters around the world: You want to solve the issues your protesting?? GET INVOLVED WITH GOVERNMENT!!! People will turn a deaf ear to you if they think all they hear is a bunch of whining ... but if you get into government, learn to form a coherent thought (I can think a local city official who needs this bit yet), and speak it clearly you will do a lot more for your 'movement' than you are now ...

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