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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I am so F'ing Sorry -- follow up

Feeling a little better: I heard this weekend that the ipod contained photos of the Queen's last visit to the US that she didn't have ... that's a tad better ... otherwise, yeah its a lame gift. Hope it came with software to get the photos off the ipod ... otherwise I could see one of the Queen's corgis teething it up and there goes the photos.

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'oh, inexperience doesn't matter'

I want to apologize to the Queen of England .... look .... it is obvious that he is totally out of touch.

I am soooooooo sorry that our President picks presents at the local Walmart store ...

He's an ass.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about ....

On the heels of his disgraceful presents to the Prime Minister of GB & family (toy helicopters & 50 DVDs which won't play on British DVD players anyhow) he has followed it up with the following:

An iPod to the Queen of England!!!!

Yes -- apparently he felt that they can not get iPods over there ... that the Queen wouldn't have one of her own already if she wanted one .... nor that the British people have evolved to the next level of portable music.

Both these gifts could be bought at the nearest Walmart ...

Let's see, what did Britian give us???

A box made for the same wood as the Resolute Desk (if you don't know what this is, watch National Treasure .... its a big deal)

the Queen gave him a very special portrait of herself & Prince Philip ... one that is ONLY given to people of divine distinction. I'm sure the frame isn't cheap either. Its a ONE OF A KIND GIFT

.... and he gives her an ipod.
Look, he's an idiot.

Now he also met with the Russian President Medevdev ... or however you spell that .... wonder what he gave him? ooooohhhh that's right ... he gave them Afghanistan.

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