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Friday, April 10, 2009

Think its coinky-dink? - Pirates Demand Ransom After U.S. Ship Captain Tries to Escape : "A Somali negotiator said Friday pirates holding American ship captain Richard Phillips hostage want a $2 million ransom and are ready to kill Phillips if attacked." Does anyone really think that the first US ship attacked by pirates just happened to be under Obama's presidency?

Of course not -- not any more than it was just coincidence that the Iranian hostages were set free the moment Reagan took his oath of office.a

Obama, like Carter, is seen as a weak president -- and until he shows some BALLS and makes a decisive strike on these pirates he always will be. What he needs to do is move in a submarine and warn the pirates that the moment something happens to the captain they are blown out of the water.

$2 million may not sound like a lot to people -- but if you give them an inch they will take a mile.

You want him alive??? screw this crap about not going in with guns blazing --- you show them that they can't pull off this crap.

it used to be that Roman citizens could walk freely anywhere in the known world and the only shield they needed was the statement of "I am a Roman" .... because the world, of the time, knew that any harm brought to a single citizen of the State would bring swift and assured retaliation ....

I have often said that we have GOT to get back to the same state in the world.

I'm hearing people on tv comparing this to a bank hostage and how its not an international crisis --- YES IT IS .... well okay maybe not a 'crisis' but it is an international incident and we should be pushing the Somolian government to solve this once and for all ... or we will.

How about sending in a SpecOps team? Van Deisel isn't doing anything right now ... hee hee .... inside joke.

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