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Thursday, October 29, 2009

What the heck were they thinking!!!

Story Links:
US Flag Health Care Video
Flag Code

Okay - normally I would put the video up, but this is pretty offensive to so many people I will just put in the link.

I've been listening about this all morning .... I've heard arguments that the issue is First Amemdment rights .... I've heard the issue is that the message is incomplete .... I've heard that its offensive that its on the flag, because the flag is the symbol that people look to for 'comfort'.

But no one has hit the mark yet.

The reason that this should NOT be in the finalists isn't for any of the above reasons ---

its because it breaks the Flag Code.

The DNC is going to be in enough trouble this fall in local elections .... the last thing they should be doing is presenting themselves as 'unpatriotic' -- remember the face-washing Obama took for not wearing a US flag pin?

The issue in this video is NOT the graffiti

It is NOT what he wrote (not that you can really read it)

It is NOT the fact that it deals with the Health Care issue

It's NOT even that the DNC is behind it ...

Its that flag.

Had this been done with a background of a brick school house

or the side of a hospital

or even on the wall of an emergency room

or the Congressionsl building

or even the White House steps

while people would sit back and go "that's disrespectful" ... they wouldn't have much to say about it (this is assuming of course that the actual property is NOT being defaced)

but since it is on a representation of the National flag - it breaks Flag code (I've talked about this before) which governs the lawful use, display, and representation of the US Flag as set forth from congress.

Of course - those tshirts with the US Flag, against the law .... the flags kids make in daycare/school during the 4th of July, against the law really (even before names are put on them) .... Bunting that you see draped at campaign rallies, against the law .... those flag pins that every one grumbled about not being worn, techically they would have been against the law as well but I'm pretty sure they had a congressional waver.

So this artist painting an US Flag and then defacing it while it still looked like The Flag - that broke the law as well.

Yeah - if they want to do this .... Congress first needs to amend the Flag Code and publish it for America to know.

This goes beyond flag burnings ... which if done correctly, is perfectly alright ... BUT it has to be done according to Code (most are not)

If you aren't familiar with the Flag Code and how to display and use your flag and representations there of -- you should really learn it. see that giant link above? its for the American Legion site .... it takes you straight to the Flag code.

now GO forth and learn something

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