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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Numbers & News


New numbers for Newly Unemployed are in – up 17,000 in a SINGLE WEEK … 474,000 people have filed new first-time claims for unemployment. On top of that are 5.16 million workers who are continuing to collect, and there is no mention or measurement for those who have either (a)ran out of benefits or (b)have given up looking for a job and therefore do not qualify for benefits. Official nation unemployment rates (based on the new claims) was at 10.2% of the population – obviously this number is about 5-10% lower than the true number but there's no way to say for sure.


Just when you thought it w & as bad enough that the Stimulus money didn't go where it was supposed to – that is making jobs.

The Mayor of St. Joseph, MI admits that the money they received in his town went to make a martini bar & Brazillian BBQ shop – when they asked him why he took the money if he knew it was going to be used for a purpose it wasn't intended or needed, he simply said "I would have been stupid to turn down free money" (paraphrased there). Yeah – nothing like having, oh I don't know, integrity & honesty … why should those things ever enter politics.

Which One is Most Important or the Federal Govt to be working on right now?


October 13-14, 900 registered voters, MOE= ± 3%

Washington DC has a hole in its pocket:
CBO (Congressional Budget Office) says the government spent $292,000,000,000 than it took in over the last 2 months …. Not that it spent that much in total – think of it as over-drafting your bank acct or credit card limit by that much. This is worse than last year at this time (under Bush) when they were looking at a $1.4Trillon deficit … and you know its just going to get worse from here.

Word out of DC is that if Congress plays it safe and decides not to pass the "Caps & Trade Bill" which will increase the average family's heating/energy bill by an estimated $1500/yr – the EPA will step in and do it for them … without vote by Congressmen, w/o hearings, w/o the say of the people … all with the President's blessing by the sounds of it. And if they do this – there is nothing to stop them from making things even worse because they won't do it on a market based way – just a flat out way trying to paint with a wide brush over several years.

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