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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Weather: impending Blizzard

okay - right - 2inches of snow does NOT make a blizzard no matter how fast it seems to come down ....

lots of wind is NOT a blizzard no matter how high you have to turn up the furnace ...

yet somehow the weather service in our area is predicting "4-7inches of snow" for my area and then tomorrow the wind is supposed to pick up the bit we got and throw it around ....

I will believe it when I see it ....

these storms are nothing compared to what it was like as a child ... {pending old age moment ahead} .... I remember snow banks as tall as I was as a kid -- granted I was about 4ft tall when I walked the 6blocks to school, which really was mostly uphill both ways - don't ask how, you have to know the streets of Prospect Park before they straightened them out because people forgot to learn to actually drive .... I remember snows so deep that you could make a good sized snowman before Christmas time ....

I remember days when it was so cold that no matter how bundled up we were we still got cold - and mom really bundled us up ... you know Ralphie's little brother in "A Christmas Story"? Andy? okay maybe not that bad - but you had to make sure you went to the bathroom first and you had to get ready at least 15 minutes before it was time to leave for the bus stop, which ranged from 1 - 3 blocks away depending on what year it was and how badly mom argued with the school about it. Not once while I was in school did the bus pick us up in front of the house even though we were on the main road & on the corner .... however, two years after I graduated, they changed things and suddenly there was a bus stop on the corner - go figure.

So my kids are watching the news in hopes that they will close things down over the impending "storm" -- I've explained to them that it ain't going to happen, they will have school...they will have to put on all their gear and go out in the snow ... trudge down to the end of the drive (oh so far!) and step onto the bus.

My predictions:
we will end up with maybe 2inches by morning ... perhaps 3inches by the end of the day .... yes the winds will pick up - but it isn't going to effect the visibility hardly at all. will let you know tomorrow -- with photos even! now that the surveillance cams are working again.

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