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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama Time

So our President is over in Oslo accepting the Nobel Peace prize - still no word where that money is going - and he gave a speech where he mentioned both Martin Luther King & Nelson Mandela ... Woodrow Wilson for supporting the League of Nations (history students will know that the LON didn't work - it was a paper tiger and did nothing to stop WW2 in fact it may have helped it along) ...

Well - the Norwegian people are rather surprised & offended that the President isn't taking part in most, if any, of the special activities that they arrange for winners - all winners not just for him. So what was the regrets from the White House officials? As sensitive as they are ....

basically "You are lucky he showed up at all" ....


Their reasoning is that no sitting President who has won the prize before has ever been there so they should thank their 'lucky staras' that he didn't simply send a representative as had been done in the past.

Arrogance?? Pretentious? Self-Absorbed? Rude?

yeah ...

now isn't that what everyone used to say about President Bush? Gee good thing people wanted "change", huh? you get what you pay for people .... and now the whole nation is paying for it.

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