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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Obama Time

This is why people should not do 'self-evaluation's for their jobs ... I'm sure you have heard this already but I'll rehash it again.

Obama gives himself a "B+" for the job he has done already .... because he says he 'inherited the biggest set of challenges of any President since Franklin Delano Roosevelt" ... yeah ... right.

Lets all forget that while running for his office he refused to take a couple of days off the campaign trail to get his @%% back to DC to try to take care of this when it all started to slide -- in fact he took the opportunity to complain about the economy on the road ...

and make no bones about it, when all this started the economists were saying that it was only going to last about 6 months after the new year anyways ... So - what effect has he had??

That would mean ---- NONE. If there had been a recovery sooner than June that would be one thing .... or if there was a sudden slowing to the unemployment rate, that would be another ....

But lets look:
  • 1st time unemployment claims have gone higher than originally expected (10.3%)
  • Total unemployment estimates are nearly as high as those during the depression (21%)
  • benefits have been extended for the Unemployed (well it had to be)
  • Cap & Trade bill is either passing or is going to be regulated by the EPA (no representation there)
  • Deficit is not being paid down, in fact it is at a record high
  • this President has done more traveling in his first yr than any other President in office during a economic crisis
  • His administration has made claims on getting out vaccine that were above the manufacturers abilities (and the manufacturers told them so at the time)
  • government has nearly doubled in size since the inauguration
  • attacks on US troops have picked up in Afghanistan where it had been fairly quiet
  • troops were pulled from Iraq ... and shipped to Afghanistan
  • he sat on a report from the Gen in Afghanistan recommending more troops - and then denied he had done it
  • money from the "stimulus package" (number 1) is being misused
  • only 20% of the stimulus money has been sent out, less than that have gone for 'shovel ready' projects

well .... if you did a job like this - what kind of grade do you think your employer would have given you?

remembering that a "C" is the average that you expect for your position ...

The highest this President should be able to get with all the above is a "C+" or slightly above average ... solving ALL the problems would get him an "A", solving the unemployment problem would have given him a "B" ... but I think the minimum work we should be seeing is working on ending the recession (which according to his own people may or may not be over, depending on who has their finger in the wind on any given day)

Personally I would give him a "D+" because I see him 'phoning' it in more than anything else ... I see Nancy Pelosi as the one who is really running the government and Obama is just along for the ride ... I don't see him doing much - but then we don't see him in the White House that often....

but at least the daily speeches are done ... or at least he's taking a break from them.

He probably has too many tv interviews to get done ... then there's that movie that you know is being made

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