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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Economic Education

Oh Crap!

Obama is supposed to be giving a speech in which he is going to announce another $600Billion in spending to "create" jobs - yeah, because its worked so great thus far, right? - well a few hours ago it was also announced that the world bank ...

the one we go to when we need more money?

.... is going to DROP our AAA-rating within the next 3-4 yrs because of the mounting & growing deficit .... they are getting scared that no matter what we do, there would be no way to pay them back.

This is a kin to what they accused mortgage companies doing to people last year ....

This is really rotten timing too ....

Not just because of the elephant-in-the-room aka Health Care Reform, but also because the President is over in Copenhagen and they say he is going to announce that he is going to give a bunch of $$$ to foreign countries to help them "Go Green"....


Yeah - you got it ....

they are raising the taxes on companies & business owners in the US to get money to pay for other countries to go green when we haven't even gone green (Do As I Say, Not As I Do) .... and they don't see an issue here ....

If it were such a great deal - don't you think countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, AEU (think thats right) would be doing it too? Never mind that they are 'oil rich' nations ... if there was a profit in it they would be the first ones there?

Its like sports stadiums -- if the people with the money isn't doing it --- DON'T DO IT!!

Meanwhile -- Dem House/Dem Senate/Dem President = Lower Credit Rating
Rep House/Rep Senate/Rep President = Lower Credit Rating
Dem House/Rep Senate/Dem President = Stable Credit Rating
Rep House/Dem Senate/Rep President = Rising Credit Rating (on average)

this is what happens when you don't pay attention to the people and vote only partylines -- I've tried to edjumicate people on this for several years now -- had people listened, they would have realized that no one ever said WHAT the CHANGE was going to BE!

The "Change" will be a Depression -- an economic Depression -- sigh ... hope I've learned enough.

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