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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Naughty Day

Daily Goal: 4 pattern repeats = 4(8 row pattern) = 32 rows
Total Rows Knitted Today: 2

Yup that's it ... it started with the football game ... then it was the chili ... then it was the missing Boy Scout forms ... then it was the chili (yep again) .... then it was the knee I twisted by walking on my leg while it was asleep ... then it was cornbread ... then it was hubby's back (ok, this actually started by the football game, but didn't really get time worthy until later) ....

then there was dinner ... and the kids begging me to make blueberry muffins ... and then getting the kids ready to go back to school ... then there was the 1 hr conversation I just got off the phone about Girl Scouts ....

add it all up ....

and a whole, whopping 2 rows were completed today ....

I'm so far behind ... but on the bright side -- I figure I only have 3 repeats on the foot, so that is only 24 rows ... and the kids are gone back to school tomorrow ....

so I should have all day tomorrow to knit ....


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