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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Not So Tired

I'm actually not too tired this morning ... well afternoon, it just feels like morning since hubby was soooooo nice and let me sleep in until 11:30ish - what a sweetheart.

My only "problem" is that the kids start school again Monday -- so my day starts once more at 6am and I don't want to fall asleep during the day ....

I mean that's nice but I've got stuff to get done ....

Besides my regular housework .....
  • seed order
  • garden tool maintainance
  • socks for the HSS6
  • socks for the ODD sock swap
  • Sweater for the Eastwick KAL
  • bills that need to be paid
  • then there's the political side of this blog I need to keep going (it just keeps me in touch with "reality")

I know it all sounds so trivial to people who aren't a part of my world, or even just one or two circles of it --- but trust me ... each one is as important as any other part.

The ODD sock swap is very, very interesting .... it is being done "Round Robin" style - everyone starts a sock (toe or cuff) and works it to their size in either knit or crochet (as long as it is 'set up' for the next person's craft) ... then the stitches are put onto a Life Line so none are dropped and then sent to the next person; meanwhile you get the person behind you's sock and do either the foot or 1/2 the leg ....

everyone in your group sends to the same person but the socks travel around the 5 people in the group - so that each person will, by the end, have done the sewing for a single pair of socks - but 5 will actually be completed ...

and each will be unique!

Different colors, patterns, styles, yarns (although we are going to try to keep them all basically the same fibre within a group) ...

can't wait to post photos of these ones -- no need for secrecy.

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