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Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union

I promised hubby I would wait before posting .... not only because he thinks I spend too much time blogging, but also because I tend to get overly excited while typing during these things.

So this morning I'm listening to talk radio - don't know if he is local or national, Chris Baker - but he is speaking this morning on some Democrat who made the comment that the President did very well, and the Dem forgot the President was black.


I can't believe that someone said that -- I mean could you make a more demeaning statement? What he is supposed to be inarticulate? He's not supposed to have a "presence"? What did they expect him to walk out there like a rap start with his pants on the ground? (yeah, had to work that one in :-D)

Holy crap! Could you imagine the .... oops, see this is why hubby didn't want me doing it during the speech itself.

Back to the speech ....

Did anyone else notice that he brought up that "surplus" of funds during the Clinton years?
He didn't mention that they were projected surpluses and that when the budget actually came out there were NO surpluses ...

But that is an "inconvienient truth" for the Democratic party -- I remember this period, both hubby and I were working, we had just bought our house before Clinton got in and the "surplus" wasn't from him it was from the Reagan years ... but they wouldn't give it back to us and we were really hurting because of all the new taxes, and yes we were lower-"middle" class at the time.

Naw, the dig at Bush was for the $1 Trillion deficit but he failed to mention that this was because of bills passed by the Democratic heavy Congress and not so much because of Presidential spending.

And then there was the Supreme Court decision regarding "Campaign Finance Reform" -- he dared to cross the seperation of powers that were set up by the Constitution (you know that thing he promised to Protect & Defend upon taking the office) ... in front of the NATION he criticized their process. They were all pretty pissed off by the looks of it.

Do you realize how rare it is that the Supreme Court, all of them, show up for a Presidential speech? And he took the opportunity to slap them in the face .... OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!

So how did you like the "Earmarks" (PORK) proposal to put things online before they get passed?

Yeah - because they've done so well at getting stuff up 5 days before voting on it now ... i.e. Health Care Reform, and Cap&Trade which were worked on and brought to the floor before anything got out to the public ... not even Congress knew everything that was in there (remember the 3000 pages speech?)

How about promising to actually take the Pork out with your VETO power? huh? Oh but you can't do that because you would have to take a stand against Pelosi and the other Dems.

Then there was the Budget Freeze -- first I noticed that he did not mention NASA but then he didn't completely take them out either ... but he did list the Military/Defense as being a protected entity.

DID YOU SEE PELOSI'S REACTION???? She jumped up and gave Biden an earfull -- OMG!! Pelosi said she would not support the freezes unless the Pentagon was on the chopping block and the word was that the President was going to take that out of the speech.

In fact just before the President started speaking, the staffer (don't know the poor guys name) gave the Vice-President & Pelosi copies of the speech -- a very normal thing - but they didn't have time to look it over at all (great move, btw, after the way they've pushed bills) and so she looked absolutely blind-sided by it.

but I wonder if it wasn't an error in the teleprompter .... perhaps they used an earlier version of the speech and Obama just teleprompted his way thru the speech and didn't even realize what he said until the words had left his mouth ... but I didn't see an "Uh-oh" moment on his face.

But the ONE PART of the speech that totally blew me away in idiot-awe was when he mentioned that China & India didn't wait to fix their economy after the banking failure...

Yeah - and most of the companies that he is going after for outsourcing jobs to other countries, send them to India & China because -- THEY HAVE NO UNIONS!!! Because they can pay the people dirt and sell it for high profit. He just isn't understanding that if you make the enviroment more friendly to businesses here in America then they won't go to the other countries.

And then too he needs to look at the arrangement of the Class structures there -- both countries have a horrible discrepency between the classes, the "haves" and the "have nots" ... and I'm not just talking "Slum Dog Millionaire" - mostly because I haven't watched it ... but they are constantly showing images of India where there are starving kids, the railroad system has major - deadly - problems, China sells housing at incredible prices so that MOST people can not afford to live in anything but government (aka Ghetto) housing.

Could he have chose two WORSE economies in the free world to hold up as examples??

I found it quite interesting that he took the GOP to tax on the fact that now they won't have the "Super Majority" where they could have passed ANYTHING if it was good law .... so now that they have lost that power he is going to put it all on the Republican party??

He so totally tipped their hand for the next round of elections -- its not the Dems fault but the Republicans .... yeah, and he still is blaming Bush for all the financial woes.

BUT he did say that BOTH parties have got to cross the aisle and work together to get legislature passed ... that it wasn't just the Republicans that were playing politics with people's lives.

So he is also calling for a "Jobs Bill" ... Stimulus 2 ... yeah - because the first one has done so well? I've got news for him ... as before, they only jobs which will be "created" will be on paper only or union only ... they will not be permenant jobs, they will be at best "temporarily sponsored" positions which will later be lost.

Our major city just went thru this -- they had to cut the police force because they no longer had funding for it ... well I should say that they no longer had the funds for those officers -- they had gotten the money under Clinton ... but when those funds "disappeared" they city and state had to pick it up ... now that there is a tremendous drop in State-income & City-income because people aren't working & spending like they used to - the funds for the EMS just isn't there.

Oh and no - not one politician took a budget cut themselves. Not one of them ever said "look I don't need to earn over $100,000/yr, take part of my salary back" ... as a matter of fact instead what we see are politicans asking for more staff.

He is pushing for Health Care still -- I think that was a push to get it on his desk before the new Senator comes in -- without regard to whether it is a good bill or not... he just wants his Legacy passed ... so you can expect more Midnight Politics going on.

and don't worry, I'm sure I will have more opinions later on today ... I've just got too much to do right now to sit and peck away at the keyboard right now.

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