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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As If it wasn't bad enough the first time ....

I am so unhappy with QVC right now -- not because of their products ... in general I like their products .... not with customer service - they've got great CS ... but with what one of the presenters said while on air.

Now it was NOT a host ... in fact she had this look of 'what do I do, I'm on the air?' and she had one of those nervous laughs of 'that's not funny' ...

The presenter was a representative for "Cottage Farms' (pretty good products) ... and he made the comment while talking about their Dwarf Reblooming Daylilies .... they have great blooms but he said that if you didn't notice these blooms you must work with a seeing-eye dog!!!

EXCUSE ME????!!!!!

If you follow the link above, go to the video tab for the product -- its about 2/5ths of the way in ....

now THAT is what I'm upset at QVC for .... I called them and complained -- I wrote to their 'ask an on-air question' thing and told them that it was a comment that shouldn't have been made ... and yet - here it is on their webpage!!!

You can't tell me that they can't ~bleep~ or erase that portion of the presentation before putting it on the website!

I know that it was harder to stop it from happening during the actual broadcast - and they can't stop the presenter from saying it ... but they certainly can stop it from being REbroadcast over the internet!

It was a 'throw away' comment, not meant to be offensive ... but I have to wonder if he would be just as likely to say something like 'if you don't notice it you must be a re---d" or "you don't have to be gay to appreciate these" .... no way! It was a terrible terrible comment and QVC should pull that video off the website NOW ....

whether he meant to offend or not - that comment should not be able to get repeated over and over again.

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