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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Tad Late

Okay I'm a LOT late, because I didn't think this was a big deal (although Westminster is some I make time for EVERY year) .... but then I caught wind of some possilbe "cheating".

And yes there is cheating in Dog shows .... I dont just mean whitening or darkening fur (to hide grey hairs or change spotting) .... and its more than taking a snip off of another dog's coat (there was one at the MPLS Kennel club show when I was a teenager where one poodle person snipped off the top-knot of a competitors poodle when they turned their back) ... I mean the under-the-table pay-offs, the stewards who ask exhibitors (the people showing) to leave the ring when the judge wants them to really stay - not following the judges orders will DQ your dog - and competitors who will take the vague point of a judge to grab the award & the complacient judge who doesn't straighten it all out at the moment.

AKC has a rule for the Obedience ring, and I would assume they have something simular for the Confirmation/Breed ring, where you can not have the same Judge judge your dog for more than one "leg" of your degree (you need three "legs" to earn either a CD, CDX, UD, UDX) .... of course its been 20 yrs since I've been in the politics of Dog Shows so things may have changed .... but I'm guessing that the AKC has some rule that says a Breed Judge can't judge the same dog twice in a year .... if this is the case - then yes there is a big problem with Westminster this year:

Sadie the Scottie Wins Westminster - CBS News: "Sadie became the eighth Scottie to win at Westminster, second most to the 13 wins by wire fox terriers. She was the record 45th terrier to win in a show that began in 1877.

Judge Elliott Weiss picked the winner. He'd already seen Sadie - he chose her as the winner of an event in North Carolina last September.

Sadie became the first Triple Crown winner of dogdom. She took the National Dog Show in suburban Philadelphia in November and the AKC/Eukanuba National
Championship in California in December.

This was Sadie's third try at Westminster. She got spooked by strange sounds at the Garden two years ago, and last February had a potty accident on the Garden's green carpet."

If this is true - and if it is a problem with AKC rules - then it will mean more than Sadie being striped of BIS ... actually I'm not sure she would be, but I'd suspect so (that's why they have runner-ups, right?) .... it would also mean that Judge Weiss would lose his credentials to judge in any AKC event -- not just the breed ring, any ring incl. obedience & agility .... it would put a pallor on Westminster Kennel Club and the Show that could never be washed away.

Because they can not predict who will end up in the ring - they can not find a Judge which has never judged any of the dogs in the show, that would be a ridiculous thing to ask .... so the AKC leaves it up to the handlers/owners to keep track of what judges they have had over the timeline required.

For Example:
Say I have 2 of my three legs for my CDX (companion dog excellence), it is up to me to look at who the judges are at an upcoming event and see if the judge in my class has scored my dog for one of those legs.

Say there are three shows coming up.

Show A has Judge Albert judging the CDX group .... Show B has Judge Baron .... and Show C has Judge Chavez ....

Say my dog showed under Judges Baron & Chavez, but did not 'leg' under Judge Chavez ....

I know I can register for shows A & C .... even though I had shown under Judge Chavez before, since I had not passed/legged then it is ok for me to have him again.

I do not know if confirmation is this same way, where you have to wait until you get your CH until you can show under the same judge twice .... I never liked the politics involved in the breed ring.

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