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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


So the Latest controversy -- Napolotano isn't at the hearings on the Underwear Bomber.

Her excuse?

She was "too tired" ....


She was filmed dosing off during the State of the Union Address the other night ... But to me that's not all that unusual ... I have a tough time keeping awake during it. I'm sure she starts early and works late (snort) so I suppose ...

But not to show up for a SECURITY HEARING?????

Don't you think its rather important that she be there to let them know why/how this guy was able to get around the system in place? Don't you think she should have been there to pipe up about what monies they need to fix the issue? How about plugging for some new technology that you all might want funded or researched?

What the heck?

I'm sure a LOT of people are too tired to go to work in the morning -- like father's of newborns -- but they still get their FAT ASSES out of bed and schlump it down there and do their jobs!

As Defense Secetary I'd kind of like to hear from HER on these matters .... you have to wonder what is being hidden under the guise of 'too tired' ....

You have to wonder what would have happened if this had happened two years ago - if one of Bush's cabinet members didn't show up with the excuse of "too tired"? Well actually you don't have to wonder -- they would have been roasted in the media!!

Now I heard a blurb that NONE of the Obama Administration want to go to these hearings to find out what the hell happened .... hmmm ....

remember the fuss over Katrina when they couldn't get aid to them fast enough because they had to go thru all the red tape (they had to make sure everything went thru proper channels) .... although if news copters could get in there I don't know why they couldn't have helped the people .... I think this is worse than that whole mess

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