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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Review: Cropper Hopper Sticker Binder

Cropper Hopper sticker Binder
Herrschners Scrapbook Sale
$8.99 (plus free shipping)

This is the Cropper Hopper Sticker Binder ... I bought mine at Herrschner's for $8.99 - which is more than half the price of other places online that I've seen it.
As you can see the purpose of it is to hold stickers .... obviously the stickers shown are not included ... this is a stock photo that all the vendors use from the company ...
what is not said by anyone is that NONE of the POCKETS are sold with it either.
For the price, $25 at the highest, you get an EMPTY folder.
The binder itself is thin plastic with a nylon cover. It has a zippered closure so that if you have stickers slide out of their pocket they won't get all over. Inside there are two mesh pockets to hold any of those things you need to get to quickly, or instructions you want to keep on hand. Folder/holders, had they been included, are held in place by three large metal binder rings, but there is no pull-tab to open them so that after a while the rings will be pulled out of shape.
If it were not for the fact that I got this for half price, and free shipping, there is no way this would be worth the money ... it is about the size of, maybe a tad narrower, than a large cd/dvd holder .... which is cheaper than what some of the venders wanted.
The sticker pockets are available seperately in sets of 3 ... but that is a seperate review for later.
Cost: *** because I got it on sale with free shipping, for full price it would have only gotten one star
Use: *** because I got the extra pockets because I have so many stickers, otherwise this would have also gotten just a single star
Value: * even with the pockets I bought seperately - this is simply not worth the money they want for it.
Single word to describe? Rip-Off (oh wait, I guess that's two)

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