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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

happy Valentine's day to everyone .... hope your day is going well ...

I am nursing a sore hip which I got during the night from, I'm assuming, walking - or rather trying not to walk - on a bum heel which showed up Friday night from Lord knows where .... then to top it off, while trying not to hurt the hip while putting away groceries I twisted the knee of the other leg .. I'm feeling so old today.

I am making a chuck roast with potatoes, celery, & carrots (and of course onions) for dinner and the house smells wonderful ... its making my stomach rumble already - but since its in the crock pot, it has at least 3 more hours to cook! It is making me wish I had some red cabbage to put into it too know - even green cabbage would be great but I'd love it.

My 18yr old surprised me today and said she wished I had some red cabbage too! How often do you hear a kid ask for cabbage that isn't slang for money???

Got hubby a book for Valentine's day that has a built-in stereoscope of images of our state ... very interesting - but my eyes don't work that way since I had the eye-operation, don't know if its the bifocals or the operation itself, but my eyes don't work with 3-D anything (not the clear glasses or the colored ones) ... I hope it works for him. If nothing else, they are very cool photographs to look at.

kids of course got their boxes of chocolates - last years boxes only had 4 pcs so I'm hoping the ones hubby picked up this year have a few more .... but then I don't want them completely hyped out either.

I was going to make some pound cakes for today ... but I will probably put it off until tomorrow since I will be making at least one quiche for Boy Scouts tomorrow - its the quarterly Court of Honor and the theme is Breakfast for Dinner, so hubby wants me to make a ham/cheese quiche ... so while the oven is going, might as well do the cake too.

now if only I could remember how to make a quiche ....


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