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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jobs Bill 2010

Or the "Save My Approval Rating" Bill as I like to think of it ... because you know that is all this is about -- JOKING -- I'm sure the Presidents heart is in the right place .... the slumping approval rating was just coincidence.

So here is what is in the versions:

Senate Version - $85 Billion

  • Hiring Tax Credits
  • Infrastructure
  • Tax Extenders
  • No Fees for Small Business Loans
  • Unemployment Insurance Extension

Sounds like the TARP paybacks are off the table for this one ... there was some question as to the constitutionality of using it for this purpose ... don't know yet.

Tax credit: $5000 tax credit for businesses hiring an unemployed worker ... so no hiring of someone looking to switch jobs, you need to take one without a job now -- this does not say how it will effect people who are just entering the work force, like my daughter, who have obligations they need money for.

Pelosi has talked down this aspect of it:

"I've talked to people about that [the tax credit]. nobody I know says this will be effective"

Keep an eye on things - this will have about as smooth a ride as health care in the long run ... although - my understanding is that the meetings on the Jobs Bill was much more bi-partisan as anything we have seen before .... but as soon as the Dems tried to link health care to it the Republicans freaked.

I don't know -- I think if the Federal government simply said "if you have an employee, FT or PT, you must offer health & dental care (including eye care) at a reasonable level determined by your State and in compensation with their job level [after all you don't want to give a PT worker the same benefit as your FT worker ... its a cost strategy thing] " that that sort of thing would suffice .... or if they simply set forth a mandate (unfunded by the federal government as usual) that simply said that every state of the Union had to come up with a plan for covering people who do not have insurance - much like my state does ... but it would keep the federal dollars out of it, and the federal government out of our health decisions.

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