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Friday, February 05, 2010

Numerology Class

Okay - saw this this morning on Fox news while listening to the radio this morning ... okay it was talk radio, but its a "liberal" host who I actually like because he is a lawyer so he speaks sense instead of emotion like so many of them tend to do ... but I caught these statistics and really wanted to pass them on:

In December there was one Federal job for every 35 jobs in the private sector. 2.83Million Fed. employees

Federal government wants 1.4% pay raise for fed. employees.

Don't get me wrong - I understand things are getting expected ... BUT if we are going to have to get along without a raise I don't know why others can't as well -- its not like these federal employees are getting a less than 'livable' wage.

But lets not jump on Obama's case here - yeah what a change of pace huh? but as it turns out, an increase in government workers is not new.

president/year/work force

  • 1993__2,307,600
  • 1994__2,247,700
  • 1995__2,132,500
  • 1996__2,042,600
  • 1997__1,976,500
  • 1998__1,902.000
  • 1999__1,874,000
  • 2000-_1,887,300 (slight rise)

Bush #2

  • 2001__1,873,600
  • 2002__1,893,800 (after 9/11)
  • 2003__1.967,500
  • 2004__1,938,000
  • 2005__1,950,300
  • 2006__1,954,700
  • 2007__1,963,200
  • 2008__1,979,200

Obama (so far)

  • 2009__2,060,800
  • 2010_,_2,181,200

now it does not say, but I have a tough time believing, if these numbers include the auto-workers since the US Gov. now owns the business.

The numbers just put out this morning still are not as big as those during the Reagan-era .... they did not have numbers for Reagan, but if it was almost 3Million when Clinton took over, I would think it was up there more than that.

They also did not point out, or explain how the creation of Homeland Security Dept. effected the work force -- I am sure they are counting them as well in these numbers .... then there were the Air Marshalls who were already in service but increased their ranks.

Are CIA & FBI agents considered federal employees? are they included in these numbers?

or are these numbers just the paper pushers? the ones that can be found sitting in the offices in Washington/State-site offices?

see there are enough questions here where the numbers can not be taken completely at face value ....

but a raise for all of them??

I don't know --- if you think the Congress isn't going to vote in a raise for themselves I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you ... a prime bit of swamp in FL ... and train ticket that has only been used once for you.

oh well --- just wanted to level the playing field here -- Obama isn't the only one.

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