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Friday, February 05, 2010

Things that make you go "HMMM"

This blows me away - and it really makes me sad, because I have a feeling that the story behind this is a lot sadder than they are letting on.

An 11 year old girl has given birth to a 5-lb baby girl .... yeah you read that right. she would have been just 10 yrs old when she got pregnant ... they say she had a 'boy friend' who got her pregnant.

Apparently they had a story I missed last week of a 9 year old in China who gave birth as well -- WHAT???

OMGs - my own daughter is this age ... I can NOT imagine her birthing a baby ... I have an 18yr daughter and I can't imagine her being able to have a baby .... a 10 yr old is simply NOT able to care for this child - but by the sounds of things she is going to have a strong family support system behind her.

geez -- is this evolution or a throw-back?

I mean when you think about it purely scientifically - this is an onset of nearly 4 yr earlier than just two generations ago ... I've heard of some 14 yr olds getting pregnant but never a 10 yr old.
So is this an indication that human bodies are changing to reflect evolution, or even just a indication of good nutrition/health care?

Or is it a throw back to those times when people didn't live as long so reproduction had to take place at a younger age to perpetuate the species?

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