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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Opinion: "Tea Party" movement

Alright - I know that most of what I write is "opinion" so having a post specifically labelled might make most of you chuckle .... but most posts are more 'commentary' that pure 'opinion' ... usually there is one particular article or news story that will trigger a response from me, but this time its an entire movement in the media .... and they are being allowed to get away with it.

but I'm pissed ....

The Tea Party movement was supposed to be a gathering of tax payers, in-spite of their political party, who were standing up together to tell the Government that enough is enough! That the People of America want them to stop spending our money, our children's money, and our great-grandchildren's money to fund a bunch of stuff we don't need right now no matter how nice it might be.

It faced critizms from the DNC and the DFLs from the get go as being a "Republican smoke screen" and I stood up and said "gee how silly, this is just the People voicing their discontent and isn't any single party" ....

Don't I feel like an ASS this morning...

I had heard grumblings on the national news shows lately about the Tea Party being a movement in the Republican party -- poo poo. I read it on Yahoo news ... poo poo. I've seen it on a couple of chat shows on tv ... poo poo.

But this morning I saw it on Fox News Sunday -- the one network that I felt supported the independence of the group -- they were saying that the "leaders" of the Tea Party Movement 'while not having a slot on the ticket ..." and that Sarah Palin was weighing in on how they should sit within the Republican party ....

Excuse me???? When did this happen? When did the movement allow itself to get kidnapped??

Let me say this -- If the Tea Party movement becomes an arm of EITHER the Republican or Democratic parties --- they will LOSE MY SUPPORT!!!!

The Tea Party Movement SHOULD:
  • advise the American people which politicians is fically responsible
  • offer choices ACROSS party lines
  • Not be afraid to say that in any race there is NO person advisable to vote for, and in those races put in a ticket "none of the above" (ala Brewster's Millions)

There should be no influence on the "movement" by either party and their stance on issues.

The Tea Party had nothing to do with human reproductive rights ... health insurance ... immigration ... terrorism ... national security .... etc -- at least not directly ...

The Tea Party had everything to do with giving the people a voice about being taxed until the day we die and beyond!!! That is what the Tea Party was about ....

Like our Forefathers/mothers/sisters/brothers did in Boston so long ago to protest the taxation on goods & papers from England without any recourse for the people ... the frustration that they felt over not having a voice in what was being decided ... the desperation of trying to live while the government took more and more of their earnings .....

THAT was the energy behind the movement .... the rebirth of the movement ...

It was NOT an arm of ANY political party.

if that's what its going to be -- it would be best to let it fade off into the sunset ... and the American people should cry over the fact that NOTHING they do can ever be free of the political-paint-brush ... that no matter what we try to do, we will have to play in their political sandbox.

We should we weep that it is no longer "We The People" of the United States ... the Parties have done a great job at getting people to vote for Blue or Red w/o listening that we have given the country away.

all I'm saying is ...

THINK FOR YOURSELF!!! And take the Tea Party movement BACK to the people -- and not to ANY political party.

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