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Friday, February 05, 2010

Super Bowl Commercials

So I have been trying to stay away from the controversy and decided after hearing someone on Fox news this morning talking about this and it just slayed me. I guess even Whoopi Goldberg made a comment about how horrible the commercial is on "The View", but I missed it, so it might not be as bad as they say -- if I find the clip online I will pull this part and insert that here.

First let me say - NO one has seen the commercial outside of those who made it and, perhaps, CBS since they are broadcasting it ... otherwise it has been kept under wraps.

My understanding is that this commercial is about one of the quarterbacks in the game and how he came into the world.

His mother was told by doctor's that she was at a high risk pregnancy and that if she went thru with it she would be placing her life in danger ... she chose to continue and carry the baby full term.

The controversy comes from those who say that this is a slam against abortion --- NO ITS NOT.

If anything it shows more clearly the right of a woman to chose to take a pregnancy to full term or not.

I do not know if they will say it was for religious reasons, I don't know if it will go into her personal beliefs of when life begins, I don't know -- no one does .... definately not those who are protesting it.

I have heard this commercial (who no one has seen) called "dangerous", how it will "set back women's rights" and "control of their bodies" by decades, how it "villifies abortion" or gives it a "stigmatism" ....

I went thru the same thing with a member of my family (older generation) who couldn't get over Sarah Palin carrying her son to full term when he had Downs syndrome --- try to explain to him that just like "Freedom of Speech" and "Freedom of Religion" , to allow one side you have to allow ALL sides to be truely "free".

If you are free to decide if you are willing to have sex .... willing to use birth control ... willing to have an abortion .... I'm pretty sure you are free enough to chose to have that child.

Get over it! Freedom for ALL, people, freedom for all.

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