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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The View: Jesse Ventura

I'm so sorry.

As a Minnesotan, I feel a need to apologize to anyone who watched today show.

Jesse really came across as one of those people wearing tin foil on his head to keep his brain from being read. And Jesse - they have this great little invention called a comb ... I know you went for the longest time without one ... but, dude, you looked like you just woke up from a 3 day sleep!

I will give Jesse credit for keeping his wits about him -- if he had gotten these same questions when he was governor he would have stormed out and claimed he would never return. He has mellowed out that way ... he took everything well, even the jabs by Elizabeth (who I thought for sure he would get upset with since she is so partisan - well Joy is too, but he leans more towards her way)

some of his theories:
  • JFK didn't want to go into Cuba and was talking about pulling out of Viet-Nam
  • The first meeting after JFK being swarn in was about Viet-Nam
  • that there was a third bullet in the JKF assassination - it supposably hit a man standing on the curb ... and that the first bullet if shot from the 6th floor of the Library Depository it would have been 22 ft high & 32 ft wide - but it had a direct line to the second floor of the DelTex building.
  • the Tonka Incident in Viet-Nam never happened [this he based on a visit from MacNamara going to Yale (or was it Harvard) and said it never happened ... the real conspiracy should be why would MacNamara say all this at that time ... book deal maybe?]
  • Pat Tillman ... the government wanted to make a hero out of those fighting and used him to do it.
  • Building 7 on 9/11 .... believes that Cheney set this up to push for a war - feels it couldn't be Bush because he was in FL .... and because the building was never hit by a plane but fell in 7 seconds

Joy asked why did it have to be the Bush Administration and Jesse's answer was "because that's when it happened" with a chuckle and rye smile. Elizabeth took him to task on this one ... He believed that the jet fuel evaporated on impact when the planes exploded.

  • A plane did not go into the Pentagon, it was a missle
  • The media never questioned the Lone Conspirasist theories

Jesse says he didn't want to write this book --- EXCUSE ME??? He was more than willing to speak about the JFK conspiracy on his radio programs ...

Like I said ---

I am soooooo sorry.

I was totally expecting an apology at the end of the program from the Ladies, ala Glenn Beck, for wasting the last 10 minutes of the show.

Oh Jesse. I can't believe that I used to support you.

I even thought you would have made a good President at one point.

So sad.

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