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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

CAUTION: Prius Owners

I just heard this morning (10Mar2010) that the man had just taken his car to the dealership two weeks ago - and they did NOT look at his car even though he had the letter from Toyota saying that he needed to get it retro-fitted.

There's a lawsuit!
n case you haven't heard -- there has been a major case of 'runaway car' reported in a Toyota Prius -- which was NOT on the recall list due to sticky gas pedals.

A man called 911 in CA and reported that his brakes would not work on his car ... he had just taken it to the local Toyota dealer to have the gas pedal checked out, but the dealership refused saying that it was not on the list of cars they had to service for the problem.

By the time the police pulled along the side of him, he was going 90 mph!!! and the police said it was VERY OBVIOUS that the man was trying to apply the brakes == I suppose he was leaning back in the chair and pushing as hard as he could, that would be easy to see from another car.

My understanding is that Toyota is sending an investigator, but for now they are claiming 'user error'.

yeah .... right.

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