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Monday, March 15, 2010

Economic - local

okay so our Governor, as you read before, is under fire for cutting funding for an insurance program which will save our state a few million dollars.

So what else are they going to scream and yell about soon?

Well he is taking the +$1billion construction purposal and cutting it down to $686million .... and cutting the "7000 new jobs" that the Dems are trying to claim - what they ain't telling people is that most of the people that will be doing these jobs will already BE in the construction business, so its hardly 'new' jobs.

what other things getting cut?

MNSCU will lose $130 Million ... no word as to whether that is from this years budget or from what they requested (which is usually the way this works)

LRT/MTC - will lose $43.5 Million .... which to me is fine, I can't see why people in Ely have to pay for a rail system in Mpls. anyways.

DNR - $27 Million ... okay this one I hate to see, they are under budgetted as it is. In the Stae of 10,000 Lakes I would think you would want the department that maintains them well funded.

He will cut funding to Civic Centers in such cities as Rochester, St. Cloud, Mankato ... ok, none of these cities is exactly hurting for business right now - they are all booming ... But I'm not so sure that public funding from around the state should be going for the municipal civic centers -- how about having the city pay for them?

Then there is the more specific funds for things like "Minneapolis Sculpture Garden" - think Cherry & Spoon (that monstrousity) .... I think that can go with donations if you ask me. And Theodore-Worth Park .... which to me is a golf course but I guess there's a nice park there too -- why not raise the prices of the golf course to pay for the park?

I don't know enough of this stuff to really have an opinion --- BUT --- something has to be done before we end up with 80% taxes!

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