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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

History Class -- Getting a Make Over??

Now I think I've talked about this in past years but it seems to be a yearly or semi-yearly thing ....

the school system in TX has so many schools that they get to decide what goes into the history books for EVERY state of the Union.

This morning I've heard that they want to start History class in the mid- to late- 1800's .... ummmm, okay as a kid, I guess that would be okay ... I mean it would start either at the end of or just before the end of the Civil War -- otherwise they have to rush thru the World Wars in High School -- but as a parent, I think it would kind of be nice if they would start at the birth of the Nation.

Its kind of a big catch 22 ....

I mean -- when I was in school, high school at least, you got to choose what type of history you wanted ... American History, or World History ... but you had to chose one. But with budget cuts the way they are -- districts simply can not afford to have two teachers to teach history .. or get 'textbooks' for two seperate classes in most cases.

But I have to wonder -- do we really need to have history class? I mean, really?

How many of us in class used to say "When in the world will I ever use "History" in my every day life?" ....

and unless you are a politician or reporter -- when have you?

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