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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Breaking News: Another Airline Bomb Scare

while we were all eating our suppers, watching our television shows, working in the garden, or possibly sleeping ... the FBI took a man into custody for making a bomb threat on another airplane, from Paris to Atlanta ... Delta airlines (don't remember what the other airlines that were used off the top of my head but wanted to get it on record here) -- it was diverted to Maine.

The man (I will withhold info for now - but they are saying it on tv) passed a note to a flight attendant:
"I am not an American citizen. My ID & passport are fake. I bought that bag on Ebay and have no association with the United States."

The charging documents say
{man's name} told [the Air Marshalls] that he had dynomite in his boots which were located in his backpack, and that a pressure switch would detonate the dynomite. He also claimed that there were explosives in his laptop ... "the federal Air Marshalls built a bunker around those items at the back of the plane to dampen the effects of any potential explosion"

GEEZ - wait and see ... he is going to claim that he was just being a smart alleck with the marshalls ... or that he doesn't speak very good english and someone wrote him that note and it was supposed to be a request for something and not a threat - someone played a very cruel joke on him.

I don't remember this many incidents under Bush -- or perhaps they covered it up a little better.

I'm still waiting for the airlines to go to congress and plead poverty and they need a handout to keep going after the week of no-fly because of the valcano & now all these threats.

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