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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Numerology Class

More Polls from FNC:

Percent saying Yes, comforable with a Supreme Court Justice who is ...

  • 39% an athiest
  • 65% a mormon
  • 43% a muslim
  • 62% fundamentalist christian

Opinion Dynamics/FNC; registered voters, Apr 20-21, 2010; MOE +/- 3%

So what is the religious make up of the court now that they have one 'retiring'? (so much for a 'life time' appointment)

1 Protestant (Justice Stevens, who is retiring)
6 Catholic
2 Jewish

There is wonderment if religion will be taken into acct. when he picks his nominee.
This study comes out just a decision has been handed down regarding the big cross in the desert ... the Supreme Court ruled that there was nothing wrong with the act of Congress which transferred the ownership of the land the cross sits on to private property so it could stay up.

42,000 GALLONS of oil being spilled per DAY in Gulf of Mexico because of Oil Rig explosion (the pipelines/drill lines are still trying to pump oil but there is no where for it to go to -- so why not just cap the suckers off?)

that comes to approx. $85,000/day

* note: this rig is rented/operated by BP oil ... you remember the guy who tried to say he a new way of saving energy? can't remember his name, I've written about it before, search for BP on my site ... he is/was the CEO of BP!!!

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