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Friday, April 23, 2010

Numerology Class

New Home Sales = UP 27% in March (WOW!!)
kick started by the tax credit for home buyers -- so expect a big jump in foreclosures as well in a few months as people begin to realize that they bit off more than they could chew!


56 Dead
130 injured
Bagdad, Iraq
series of attacks on Day of Prayer there
nice to see the government over there has everything under control


Hey Lots of polls to put up today -- big poll day on the News.

National Sales Tax on Top of Income Tax To Help Reduce Federal Deficit
17% Favor
77% Opposed

april 20-21 2010; opinion dynamics/fox poll; reg. voters; MOE +/-3%
Well of course not -- who wants to pay MORE tax? I think if it were an 'instead of' question they probably would have seen it swing the other way in this poll.

President Obama's Promise To Not Increase Taxes On Families Making Under $250,000
57% Will Break Promise

34% Will Keep Promise

April 20-21 2010; registerd voters; moe +/-3%; opinion dynamics/foxnews

if he signs the bill putting in the VAT then he will have failed in keeping his promise. But remember the President doesn't spend money or raise taxes - the Congress does that ... he just signs & supports bills.

Greater Potential Threat To Country's Future
57% Big Government

26% Big Business
13% Both

April 20-21 2010; registerd voters; moe +/-3%; opinion dynamics/foxnews

This makes sense to me -- its because people don't trust the politicians ... time and time again we learn how they are using our money to benefit themselves - or use the taxpayers 'contributions' to party hardy and fly all over the place while preaching enviromental crap.

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