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Friday, April 23, 2010

Obama Time

Blagojevich - you know the Illinios gov who tried to 'sell' Obama's seat for political favors? - well he is going to court now ... it is against the law ... and he is calling for Obama to appear.

Blagojevich is going to SUBPEONA the President ...

um, I'm pretty sure they found out under Clinton that you can't do this ...

but there is some sealed info that got leaked to the press that had a bunch of paragraphs blacked out that referred to Obama -- only someone (I saw it on FNC) figured out how to unblacken it so now all that sensitive information is out there.

Word is the judge in the case is - surprise - furious. They are thinking it is an issue with the program they used to send it via the internet ... that they thought highlighting it in black would kill those portions -well when you print it up it would be blacked out - but if people did copy&paste into a program such as word and told it to remove the original formating that it would come up un-blacken'd (blackened? blackend? how does one do that word?).

But the issue has been 'fixed' now - if you go to the site to get the pages, you won't get it to unhighlight now.

The information indicates that Obama was actually aware of, and implies participating in, what was going on. If this is true -- does that mean the Obama gets impeached and kicked out?

So here's the implication. There is supposably a labor union official (imagine that) who says he got a call on Nov 3rd (before the election - before BO got into office ... so maybe he could be in trouble**) .... telling him to tell Blago that Valerie Jarrett was the person that Obama wanted to have his spot.

And while it is true that the President didn't influence the position directly ... it would appear that he mislead procetutors in his level of involvement.

OH LOOK!! Another one using a 'definition of is, is" moment! Somebody want to tell me how what Clinton did wasn't bad for this country and wouldn't influence others?

Valerie? Well she withdrew herself from the running for that seat - but now she has landed a sweet deal as a White House Advisor ... hmmm ... wonder how that happened.

a case to keep an eye on.

but they will never get the President on the stand -- and even if they did, we would never hear what was said in court - it will be a closed session.

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