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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Numerology Class

(what is going on with "Face the Nation"? they didn't bring up any of the polls - just the talking points coming from the WH ... nothing about the Blago business, all about banking)

some polls from the weekend shows

From This Week:

Donations to Congress from the finance/insurance/realestate secotr 2010 election cycle to date
  • Democrats: $65,209.693
  • Republicans: $51,710,467
Arizona Immigration Law (okay its not 'numberology' but its the wording from the bill/law)
" For any lawful contct made by a law enforcement official ... where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person ... "
They also still stuck to the comparison to Apartied in S. Africa - but that's not really it ... to compare this to that horrible event down grades what those people went thru. They also compared it to Nazi Germany - excuse me??

Look if you want to know what this is like - check out Cheech Marin's video of "Born in East LA" - he gets picked up by immigration police but can't prove he's an American citizen and gets sent "back" to Mexico and has to sneak back into the country to get home. That is what this is going to be like.

And lets also remember that this is NOT being treated as a primary offense - which means they can't just walk up to some one and ask for proof of citizenship ... they have to have a reason to engage the person, illegal act, to begin with.
FL Senate GOP primary
  • Rubio: 56%
  • Crist: 33%
hypothetical 3 way race (Crist as Independant)
  • I - Crist 32%
  • R - Rubio 30%
  • D - Meek 24%


Fox News Sunday
spoke about banking/wallstreet/soc. security/how to control budget/VAT/raising taxes on middle class/income tax/

Debt Commission
10 Democrats
8 Republicans
14 votes to approve
recommendations due Dec. 1st

purposefully chose the Dec 1st date so it fell after the elections - ONE senator wanted the due date on Oct. 1st so voters could vote with all the facts.
AZ has 10% unemployment, and illegal issue has gotten 'worse' in last 3 yrs.

ooo - Jaun got taken to the mat for trying to blame the Republicans for everything that has gone wrong, when the Democrats have been in charge of congress for the last 4 yrs (last two yrs of Bush, 2 under Obama) and they still haven't done anything - esp. in these last two yrs when they have been in charge of EVERY branch in Washington.

deficit in 2007 was 130Billion, and a surplus in 2000 .... and if we cut out all the new entitlements/health care plan - we would have a surplus again, even with war in Afghanistan. (according to them, not me)

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