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Friday, April 23, 2010

Obama Time

Alright they are releasing some of the parts of the subpoena of Obama for the Blago trial....

Motion #9:

Yet, despite President Obama stating that no representatives of his had any part of any deals, labor union president told the FBI and the United States Attorneys that he spoke to labor union official on November 3, 2008 who received a phone message from Obama that evening.

After labor union official listened to the message labor union official told labor union president, "I'm the one." Labor union president took that to mean that labor union official was to be the one to deliver the message on behalf of Obama that Senate Candidate B was his pick.
(2/2/2009, pg.7)

Political insiders are saying that this is just showing that Blago is contending that while he may not be completely innocent, what he did is "par for course" in the political world and is an 'accepted' practice -- he just got caught.

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