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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ok - I feel the need to put this up ...

IF you are commenting on one of my posts ... I do love to read them ... but comments are moderated because I keep getting goofballs out there who love to try to link my page to their Adult only pages ...

uh-uh --- that aint flying ....

I want a page that my young son can visit without too much grief ....

if you want to comment - that's fine ... I've been known to post comments that disagree with me ... and I generally answer back via the comment section (so click the 'update' box) .... and I love comments that say I was right (who doesn't) ...

but if I get a comment that says "nice blog" or "cool blog" followed by a bunch of dots or symbols that my computer interpretes as boxes -- I'm trashing it.

you can't fool me -- those are links to dirty sites!

Thank you - continue to read with my compliments.

And feel free to comment/reposte ... I love reading what you have to say.

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