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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cost of an Education

If this doesn't beat all -- I was watching "The View" and Whoopi was talking about the incident last week in CA were some kids got in trouble for wearing tshirts depicting the American flag on Cinco de Mayo ....

she said a couple of things that blew my mind ...

first she said that they were told to take off or turn the shirts inside out because they might be 'incendiary' .... no they were told to do it because the shirts might be 'offensive' to other students == big difference in meaning there. One would start a riot/protests, the other just make people upset. Lets get that straight, okay.

then the group went on:
Whoopi Goldberg (WG): ... two of the students [who wore the American flag t-shirts] are mixed, they are Mexican & American ...
Sherri: the ones who wore the American flag shirts?
WG: yeah that wore the American flag shirts ... so I wonder if it was just, and they talked to their parents - apparenty all the students who wore the American flag t-shirts spoke to their parents ,,, now the principal sent them home because he felt that there would be trouble because apparently there was a lot of tension ...
Elizabeth: He made them turn them inside out or go home
WG: yeah, or go home
Joy Behar: well didn't these kids who wore the American ...[struggles for word] .. insignia, weren't they being provocative on Cinco de Mayo? {its a flag, not an insignia Joy - don't choke on it}
WG: Well I don't know know because if they are mixed kids, if two of them were mixed, maybe they were also celebrating America ...

and later:
WG: if a couple of the kids were mixed it makes it hard to say that they were coming in as white kids to insite this ...


This is an old argument that I have never bought into -- the 'if your a minority, you can't be bigoted' ideal. If the act is wrong for one group, then it is wrong for all groups.

If the kids could not wear American flags, then no one should have been allowed to wear a flag from any other nation or group ...

Although she did say that the principal should have asked them why the kids wore the American flag shirts ...

but I've been to quite a few celebrations for different races ... and I have never seen such a response to someone wearing the American flag ...

what the heck?

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