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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arizona: The new "Gore vs Bush"

sounds like this is going to get messy ... even the judge came out fairly wishy-washy on her verdict ... trying not to take one side over the other, yet somehow coming out more on the Federal governments side.

But lets not miss the craziest part of her decision ...
that if the Arizona law is allowed to move forward, it would impose a burden on the Federal government

That translates into -- she believes that there are soooo many ILlegal aliens in the US, that the federal government just couldn't handle it ... so we will ignore them?

she said:
There is a substantial likelihood that officers will wrongfully arrest legal resident aliens under the new (law)

well - duh ... wrongful arrests happen every day in every city, and I can almost guarentee that every officer at least once in their career will have to release a person who was wrongfully arrested.

so again her course of action .... ignore them

The AZ law
  • will take effect 7/29, minus those things the Judge changed in the law
  • officers can not check the immigration status of people
  • immeigrants are not required to carry their Green Cards on their person
  • illegals are not blocked from looking for work or lodging
  • it is NOT illegal to block traffic in the middle of the road to pick up "Day Workers"

ok ... so she is legislating from the bench ... that in and of itself is unconstitutional, but lets ignore it for a moment.

Basically she is saying the cops can stop a person, but not do their DUTY by making sure they haven't commited a crime ... nor do immigrants, legal or illegal, have to carry their "Green Cards" on them at all times - even though I'm pretty sure that it is part of the federal law already and they need to be in compliance.

She even struck out the part of the law which made it illegal for an employer t0 drive down a street and suddenly stop so they can pick up dayworkers looking for jobs -- day workers are generally (although not always) people who are picked up and put to work for just the day; they are generally paid "off book" so they do not pay taxes/social security/medicare fees ... BUT because the police can't stop these people from stopping in the middle of the road now - she has essentually told the police that they can no longer do part of their jobs that was already part of their jobs.

So where did this chick come from? Well she's a Clinton appointee (imagine that) ... and amazingly that is about all I can find on her online -- everyone just keeps repeating the same info over and over .... I know she was in private practice for 12 yrs but I can't find anything about what kind of cases she took - no way to see what area of law she practiced - no mention as to how she ruled when she was part of the AZ Superior court (where they do the bigger lawsuits & trials), I do know she served there for 11 yrs, and that the county she served includes Phoenix & is the 4th largest county (by population) in the nation, and (in 2000) 1/3 of the population was latino/mexican decent & 20% of the population were spanish-speaking homes (lets remember that these were those who filled out the census, so one would assume LEGAL immigrant-decendent families).

I can't say for sure ... but I wouldn't doubt that she was probably feeling a lot of pressure by those around her ...

Don't get me wrong - and it seems I have to post this everytime I post about this type of subject - I have nothing against LEGAL immigrants, those who followed the rules to get in, those who pay their fare share, those who really want to be here for the 'right' reasons (for a better life) ... my problem is with those who BROKE THE LAW to begin with by entering the country ILlegally and then bithching and moaning about how they can't do this or that ...

well ... no ... you are ILlegal!!!

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