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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


those that know me know that Vikings have always held a facination for me ... and ever since I saw my first "Thor" comic book - well he became an ideal ... yeah I'm a nerd.

So now after all these years holllywood has decided to finally make Thor the movie ... yay!

Well until I started seeing who they picked to play the god who could take out a whole village of giants ....

my issues:

  • He's Australian ... how the heck is he going to pull off a Nordic accent without sounding like he just rode in on a kangaroo?

  • He isn't very muscular
    ... if they had a different actor for when he's in his 'day clothes' and then a beefier one for Thor I might be able to see it ... but from what I've seen, they aren't going to have Donald Blake ... probably because they were too small minded to see that Thor could be a Dr. on earth.

  • His hair is too short - c'mon, pick up a comic ... Thor's hair is always drawn to be over the shoulders ... nearly armpit length ... I'm hoping this image is wrong - the hair looks like a wig ... ugh.
  • They say the actor has been working out in the gym quite a bit - the problem with this is the same that they've had with every actor to play Thor before him. They work hard on the shoulders and upper body, leaving them suspended on tiny toothpicks that couldn't possibly ;hold up during a fight - Thor wouldn't be caught near a pair of legs like that!
  • age ... actually this one was pointed out to me ... Thor has a face with a history - you can see the "look" of battle upon his face, he is no mere "pretty boy" ... he is a man's man (the real meaning to that phrase, not the "new" meaning) ... he has got to be around 35 at least, perhaps older .... in mythology he is younger, but life was harder back when those were woven.
  • I'm also worried about the costume ... I'm hoping the helmet above isn't an example of it ... I know its supposed to be a conglomeration of all of Thor's suits over the years ... that's what I'm afraid of ... is going to be a shambles.

I never hold out much hope for these movies ...

but they did okay with Spider Man, X-Men, and Iron Man ... haven't seen IM2 ... SM2 kind of sucked ... XM2 & 3 did too, but not too badly ... but I thought Hulk was just awful, Hulk 2 worse.

I would hope that Stan Lee would have some control over it, but I don't know ...

"They" are saying that the script was gutted because the budget was too high for the special effects ... WHAT??? ... are they kidding me? For the story of Thor -- you need the special effects budget!

So they are supposed to be using the same actors in the Marvel movies that they will be using when The Avengers movie is made ...

wonder if that is why they decided to use a virtually unknown actor? They don't have to pay him quite as much.

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