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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Numerology Class

Well the Dems are feeling the effect of pissing off Wall Street ... and this also explains why the President isn't actually doing his job in the White House right now (and why he doesn't seem to have time for the Boy Scouts) ...

Wall Street Donations To The DNC
___2008 _______2010
$15.4 Million __$4.3 Million

source: Center for Responsive Politics (via Fox news)
footnote: 97 days left in 2010 election cycle

Donatins from Securities & Investement Industry
___2008 _______2010
$39.9 Million ___$12.4 Million

In 2008, 55% of the Dems money came from PACS!!!

Do you think they "getting it" yet? Do you think they are beginning to understand how things are starting to work?

Do you think they are beginning to understand how unpopular they are yet?

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