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Saturday, July 03, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: 200 Dead in Congo Village

okay - just saw this pop up on the news pages "Oil Tanker Explodes, Kills 200" ... makes one think that it was another sea rig going kaboom ...

More accurately --

It was an Oil Tanker TRUCK which rolled over spilling its contents -- which caught on fire -- and 200 villagers were unable to get out of the way of the fuel oil and flames before they were engulfed and killed.

Reports are varying from between "over 100" to a firm 200, with hundreds of more injured - my guess is that in coming days we will hear of more dieing from their injuries.

Horrid Horrid Horrid

but I wanted to make sure that truth about what kind of tanker it was got out there fairly quickly before the media swirls this all out of proportion.

Now - every one say a quick prayer for that poor village ... or at least for the children who survived with injuries or lost their parents.

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