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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Follow-up: Congo Fire - Congo: Red Cross says 204 dead in oil tanker truck explosion

Okay - now that the news is starting to straighten things out ...

it seems that some of those killed were running toward the truck, which had rolled on its side and spewing flammable liquid from every side, in order to STEAL the fuel oil.

ok - I have to say that while I still feel really bad about what happened down there ...

How desperate do you have to be for fuel oil to go running up to a leaking ... no spewwing ... vehicle to risk getting covered in the stuff?

Its hard to believe that some one would do that!

Do they not understand that big accidents mean ... KABOOM!!!

I also found out that most of the village was gathered, by the sounds of it, outdoors to watch the World Cup soccar game ... so they must have had like a special megatron television thing going on.


Wonder what the population of the area was before hand ... I mean is it a concentration of people (like a big city here) or a smaller group like ou city where there is a population of like 600 or so.

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